Police Department

As Chief of Police, it is my privilege to welcome you to the Chadron Police Department's Public Safety website. Please use our website to find out about some of the things we are doing to help make this community an even greater place to live. The officers, dispatchers and staff of the department take great pride in providing the most effective and efficient police and communication services, with the highest level of integrity, to the citizens and visitors of Chadron.

Chadron is a great city with a vibrant, diverse population and we enjoy the benefits of a fully supportive community with high confidence in our abilities to provide the highest levels of police services. The working relationship between our department and the community is the strongest it ever has been, and continues to grow stronger every year. A good relationship with the community is imperative in public safety. It is the most effective way to stop crime now, and to prevent it in the future.

I firmly believe that the quality of police services, provided by a police agency, is directly related to the quality of officers and dispatchers that are selected and the training they receive. The Chadron Police Department goes through an extensive selection process to ensure that we hire the best qualified individuals with the highest level of integrity. Officers and dispatchers in the department are trained through the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy.

I hope that you will take some time to browse our website and learn about the Chadron Police Department and the services that we provide. You will find that our officers, dispatchers and staff are a dedicated, enthusiastic, well-trained, and well-equipped group of men and women who are committed to providing the best law enforcement services possible - making this community a great place to live and work.

Once again, welcome to our Public Safety website and enjoy your visit.