Cemetery Fees & Regulations

Fees & Charges

Service Charge
Per space flat rate
Babyland Infant Burial Space
Opening and closing graves over 40 inches
Opening and closing graves under 40 inches
(cremated remains and children)(Includes greens & chairs)
Opening when ground is frozen
Vault Additional $150/Cremation Additional $75
Graves over standard size
Charge will be arranged by Cemetery Sexton

Additional Services

Service Charge
Saturday A.M. (in addition to other fees)
Saturday P.M. (in addition to other fees)
Moving a body within the cemetery
Moving a body outside of the cemetery
Winter Burial Fee - Snow Removal
Regulations of Interments
  • The number of markers or index stones permitted shall not exceed the number of grave spaces. Only one monument, one index stone or marker at each grave is allowed.
  • Two interments of cremated remains may be allowed together or one interment of cremated remains may be allowed with other remains, in one space.
  • All interments will require a concrete grave box or vault.
Miscellaneous Regulations
  • Flowers, floral arrangements, or ornament of any kind shall be allowed to be placed on the grave marker base in the cemetery during the mowing season, providing certain restrictions apply as notices are posted.
    • As a general rule, grave decorations will be permitted 3 days prior to and 3 days following Memorial Day and 3 days following a burial.
  • The City of Chadron shall not be liable for lost, misplaced, or broken floral vases. While perpetual care is provided, the City of Chadron shall not be responsible for damage caused by the elements, thieves, vandals or by other causes beyond its control.
  • There shall be no planting of any kind permitted within the cemetery, without prior approval from the Cemetery Sexton. The Cemetery Sexton shall have the right to plant, trim or remove all trees, flowers, and shrubs in the cemetery.
  • There shall be no funeral services permitted in the cemetery until prior arrangements and schedule have been made with the Cemetery Sexton.
  • Burials will not take place on Sundays or holidays as set by the Chadron City Council for city employees.
Markers & Monuments
  • No markers or monuments shall be placed or set in the cemetery until approved by the Cemetery Sexton.
  • The placing or setting of all markers or monuments shall be under the supervision of the Cemetery Sexton and shall meet the following requirements:
    • The foundation shall be set at ground level.
    • All markers or monuments must have a 5-inch wash on each side, and in the event that cans or vase are used, such wash shall be at the least 8 inches.
    • Monument companies not setting markers in accordance with these regulations will be liable for cost incurred by the City of Chadron in correction any violations.
  • All markers placed or set in the Linn Addition or Memorial Park section shall be granite, stock bonded by certificate of quality furnished by the seller, unless the same is a Government bronze marker, and shall be the following requirements:
    • Single marker shall be 12 by 30 inches with sawed bottoms and ends and polished tops.
    • Double markers shall be 12 by 70 inches with sawed bottoms and ends and polished tops.
  • All markers or monuments in Block 12 and upper Block 9 will have maximum overall height of 18 inches (per Resolution 1997-25).
  • All spaces in Blocks 15 and 20 are 44 inches wide; all others are 40 inches wide.
  • All markers or monuments in Blocks 15 and 20 shall be no more than 12 inches wide by 34 inches long (78 inches on a double marker) with a maximum overall height of 26 inches. All such markers shall be set on a 24 wide by 44 long by 4 inch thick concrete foundation, one marker per grave.