Snow Removal Protocol and Tips

Winter can be an unpredictable experience in the City of Chadron. Snow and ice can be challenging for both residents and City street crews to control.

Clearing Snow on Your Property

  • Removal of snow from sidewalks in front of your home is a responsibility of all citizens.  The City of Chadron requires sidewalks to be cleared 24 hours after a snowfall.  Snow free sidewalks are more then a convenience; they are a matter of public safety.
  • Make sure you shovel the snow and ice into your yard and not the street

Snow Removal from the Streets

  • Street Department is devoted to provide the motorist with the safest driving surface possible
  • When the snow accumulation reaches three inches all streets will be plowed and salt will be applied to all major streets and side intersections.
  • When the snow accumulation exceeds six inches a Snow Emergency will be declared and parking restrictions will apply.

Helping Us Serve You Better

  • All of the City's snow removal operations can be carried out in a more efficient and effective manner when streets and sidewalks are kept clear of parked vehicles.
  • Do not deposit snow and ice onto the street as per City ordinance.  This practice contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions.

Please Don't Take It Personally

  • Pushing snow into a driveway opening, or along a car parked on the street is often unavoidable as City crews work to keep the streets passable. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a cost-effective means of avoiding the problem but we are always investigating promising new ideas.
  • Please be patient!  City crews have 113 lane miles of streets to plow.  Depending on snow depth, it may take 10 hours to plow all of the streets.