Citizen Advisory Review Committee

Regular Meetings

  • The meetings are held on an as needed basis.
  • Chadron City Offices                                                                                         234 Main Street                                                                                           Chadron, NE

Member Overview

  • The Committee is a seven (7) member Committee and is to include professionals in the fields of finance and banking, business, business ownership, education, government and Chamber of Commerce. 
  • State Statute Sec. 18-2715 requires that at least one (1) member of the Committee shall have expertise or experience in the field of business finance or accounting, and that all Committee Members shall be registered voters of the City.  In addition, the Resolution provided for the following: 
  • No member shall be an elected or appointed City Official;
  • An employee of the City;
  • A participant in a decision-making position regarding expenditures of Program funds;
  •  An Official or employee of any qualifying business receiving financial assistance under the program;
  •  Or an official or employee of any financial institution participating directly in the program;
  • Provided, however, the City Manager, as Program Administrator shall serve as an ex-officio, but non-voting member of the Citizen Advisory Review Committee.
  • The terms are three (3) years.

It is further stated, that the Citizen Advisory Review Committee shall: 

 Acquaint themselves with, be knowledgeable of, and be governed by the most current Chadron Economic Development Plan, which includes a process to insure confidentiality regarding all personal and private submittals by applicants and qualifying businesses;

 Review the functioning and progress of the Economic Development Programs at regular meetings, as set forth in the Plan and advise the City Council with regard thereto; and

 Report to the City Council on its findings and suggestions at a public hearing called for that purpose, at least once in every six (6) month period.