Dog Park

The City of Chadron Dog Park is located on the 700 block of West 6th Street, adjacent to our community garden.  Opened in 2015 the Chadron Dog Park is an "Off-Leash" park, a place where your dog(s) can run and play.  It is also a great place to meet other dog owners, and to socialize young dogs.

The City of Chadron requests that all visitors please adhere to the following rules - rules are posted at the Dog Park for your convenience:

Chadron Dog Park Rules

  1. Use of the dog park is at your own risk.  Each owner is solely responsible and liable for the actions of their dog(s).
  2. Dogs are to remain leashed outside of the dog park.  Owners shall remove their dog’s leash once inside the gated entrance way and keep the leash in their possession at all times while using the dog park.
  3. Each adult may have a maximum of three dogs in the park at any time.
  4. This area is for dog play, not child play.  For the protection of children and dogs, children under the age of 14 are not allowed inside the dog park
  5. Children ages14-17 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times while in the Dog Park.
  6. Dog park users must keep their dog in sight, under voice command and under control at all times.
  7. Food in not permitted in the park; it is not a picnic area.  Glass containers are not permitted in the park.
  8. All owners are to clean up after their dog(s). All waste must be bagged and disposed of properly in the provided receptacles.
  9. All dogs must have proof of current license and rabies vaccination displayed on their collar while in the park.
  10. Dogs less than 6 months of age are not permitted in the park.
  11. Aggressive, assertive, unruly, fearful, and under socialized dogs are not permitted to visit the park and will be expected to leave when asked.
  12. If your dog begins digging, stop the dog immediately and replace the dirt back into the hole.
  13. Female dogs in season are not permitted in the park.
  14. For emergencies call the Chadron Police Department at 911; the non-emergency number for the police department is (308) 432-0510.
  15. The City of Chadron reserves the right to close this facility at any time, without notice, for maintenance and repairs or any other reason deemed necessary by the City of Chadron.
  16. Park hours: Closed Dusk to Dawn.