Hobby Chickens

Chickens are not only a lot of fun, they can be educational for children and eggs make for healthy meals.  In July of 2014, the City of Chadron made it possible for anyone, with enough available space, to own chickens within City limits.

The following are the rules for owning chickens in Chadron:

  1. Allow chicken for hobby, recreational, subsistence of non-commercial purposes.
  2. Allow chickens in all zoning districts within the City limits and in the City's extra-territorial areas.
  3. Maximum of six (6) chickens within the City limits, (the maximum limitations as set forth in Section 303 of the Zoning Regulations of the City of Chadron shall apply in the Chadron extra-territorial jurisdiction.)
  4. No roosters allowed.
  5. Enclosure for chickens required in rear yard only (no free roaming chickens).
  6. Must be a 20 foot set back from side lot lines.
  7. No rear yard set back.
  8. Annual application required, (renewed May 1st of each year).
  9. Annual permit fee of $25.00. A late fee of $15.00 will be applied if 30 days past due.
  10. Permit is non-transferable.
  11. All property owners must sign the permit application. Any tenant seeking a permit must have the property owner sign the permit application prior to issuance.
If you believe you can meet these regulations, you can house Hobby Chickens and enjoy the antics of feathered friends.

Hobby Chicken permit applications are available and issued through the Building Department
at City Hall.